A Crayola kinda day

When I was at Target this morning (such American Mum life) I decided to pick up some art supplies for little Belle. I grabbed a giant Finding Nemo colouring book, some chunky wax crayons and a tray of washable paints. Yes washable.

I knew that painting with a one year old would be messy but I had no idea that it would be as much fun as it was. I wasn’t sure whether she was old enough to enjoy painting but she LOVED it. I handed her the paint brush with the colour loaded on it and she went to town on the page, giggling and saying ‘wooowwww’ as she saw the paint on the white paper.





That lasted for about 5 minutes and then she discovered that the paint also worked on her hands, the table, her face, Mum’s face and even Dad’s (J was working from home this afternoon). Watching her laugh as she painted our faces was totally priceless. Nothing beats a baby chuckle, especially when they are doing something a little bit naughty.


Belle’s latest trick is throwing her arms around my neck and jumping on my back for a ride. She clings on like a little Koala bear. I love it because she leans around and kisses me as she rides around. SO stinking cute.





It has started to get colder out here as we get closer and closer to our first East coast winter. We have be warned that they are pretty brutal but I still don’t think we fully appreciate just how cold it is going to get. It is a good job that I am looking forward to lots more craft afternoons at home with Miss Belle.