A night with Nain

‘Nain’ – Welsh for Granny/Grandma/Grandmother (aka My Mother)

I hear that being a Grandparent is a pretty special thing and is is clear to see that Belle’s lot all agree. My parents divorced a few years ago but they are now both remarried to really lovely people which means that Belle is completely spoilt with six Grandparents. Yes Six. Even more amazingly, she has also got six GREAT Grandparents. Watching our family with Belle is amazing. Obviously J and I are totally in love with our girl but there is something truly incredible about watching others be besotted with her too.

Sadly, we do not live that close to any of our parents and with our place being too small to have anyone stay, and barely even big enough to have anyone for dinner, we are usually limited to the odd day trip here and there.

However, this week our kind friends let us stay in their gorgeous flat whilst they were away which was such a treat. Whilst it was only down the road and J was still at work, it really did feel like a little holiday. Plus it perfectly coincided with my Mum getting a random day off work which meant that she could come and spontaneously stay the night with us (something so special that we have not been able to do so far).





I Facetime or call my Mum most days with Belle and so despite only seeing each other every few months Belle totally recognised Mum when we met her at the station. B leaned over to her to be held and cuddled up to her all giddy with excitement. It is amazing to see how a baby can develop a relationship predominately over Facetime! Thank you Apple.

It was just 24 hours that we had together but it was so lovely and her being there overnight made all the difference. It is the little things like going to bed and waking up in the same house that make the time together special.



Whilst distance is a pain, we are trying to make the absolute most of the time that we do get with family.

It really does take more than a Mum and a Dad to raise a child, it takes a village. I am so aware that her Grandparents will have different things to show and teach her. We are imperfect as parents and so wherever there is opportunity for people to add into our children’s lives, we want to fully embrace it.

We love our Grand brigade – all 12 of you!