Belle and Paloma’s Playdate

I met my lovely friend Julie (@muminmanhattan) back in June in the elevator of Times Square subway station (like you do #strollerlife). I clocked that her little one was wearing a Marks & Spencer’s outfit (Belle had the same one) which is pretty unusual to spot in New York and so I figured that she must have connections to the UK.

I hesitated for a moment but then asked her about it and as soon as she started talking I detected her northern accent and we hit it off. We chatted briefly but we were both rushing off in different directions. We quickly swapped numbers and have been great friends ever since.





Julie and her husband moved to NYC a few years back and so she was really helpful to talk to as we were making our decision as to whether to move or not. She showed me around Manhattan and was so lovely and welcoming. She has a blog too which you can check out here.

Belle and Paloma are a similar age and play really nicely together so I was really looking forward to seeing them both again. Also, just look how cute little Paloma is! She has the biggest smile and no hair, just like Belle. At least if they both have no hair until they are two then they wont be alone!







Julie is great at seeking out the best kiddie places to hang out in the city. We met up in Chelsea and she took us to the City Treehouse play area. The babies loved it and so did we. It was super quiet, clean and so safe. The girls played in the ballroom, the water, the ballroom again and back to water as well as climbing up the big treehouse and sitting on our knees to go down the slide.

I love that the city is full of these fun creative play spaces for little ones. City life with babies isn’t as bad as people think. There are endless things to get out and do with them. In fact I personally love being a SAHM in the city (for now anyway!) and I can’t imagine doing life with little ones somewhere out of a city.









It is such a shame that we don’t live near the friends that we made in the summer. Our plans changed and where we have ended up is totally the right thing for us for now. It just means that we will have to make lots more playdate plans in the city… no complaints here!