Belle at 10 months

Little Belle,

This month you flew across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in New York for a summer adventure. It took you a couple of 3am wake ups to adjust to USA time but we have been amazed at how quickly you have got used to your new surroundings. You love the apartment where we are staying because it is about 3 times the size of our (old) place in London.

Your first flight was such a treat. There were 200 empty seats and so there was loads of space for you to play and crawl around. You made friends with one air hostesses and kept pulling up on the seat to look for her. She loved you too! Everyone did, even the captain came out to see you and give you a little book to remember your first ever flight.

You are loving New York and all of the fun parks, sand pits and splash pads that it has for you to play in. People are so friendly and we cannot go far without someone stopping us to talk to you! You have made a real impression on one guy in Trader Joe’s who recognises you and even remembers your name now when we go in.





– You can crawl faster than I can catch you most of the time. I am fully expecting you to take your first steps here in NYC. You are SO close.

– You LOVE food now and you will eat pretty much anything. I actually wish that you were a little more fussy because you will happily munch a tissue, sand, chalk or a yummy book.

– Breastfeeding. Still going strong. No signs of quitting just yet.

– Peppa pig is our hero. Dada has a few episodes on his phone for desperate situations. Like when you wake up a little to early for us to handle, you lie next to us and chat away to Peppa.

– You can now say Dada (all of the time!), Muuuuuuum (only when you are sad or tired), d’d’d’d’ (when you see a dog) and you understand when I ask you if you want milk because you come over, sit on my lap and spit your dummy out. So cute.

– You have become totally attached to your bunny that Nain bought when I told her that I was pregnant. We had to buy a spare because you will only nap with bunny next to your face.




Little Belle, thank you for being the best travel companion.

It feels like since we got to New York that we have more time to just play. I am loving not having to think about housework and just getting to spend the days hanging out with you. You are such a pleasure to be around. I am so glad that I am here with you.