Belle at 11 Months

Belle Henfrey, in the last month you have moved out of your first home, been on your first ever flight (which was a long one!), lived in four different apartments, two hotels and you have not been phased by any of it.

I was a little worried about doing this trip but you have just been incredible. In fact, in many ways I think it has been easier doing it with you as your cute face and friendly waves helped me make lots of new friends here. Thank you B.



At 10 and a half months you took your first steps. Three in a row, and then four. It was so special as you waited for Daddy to get home and walked from him to me and then back to him.

I knew that those first steps would be special but watching you stand on your own and then move those little feet was just amazing. I will never forget your little smile as you did it. You were SO proud of yourself! You are just so confident and full of energy – it really is such a joy being your mama.

I love that little swirl of hair on top of your head
… and then stand


  • You love to wave at people when we are out and about. The best is when they wave back and then you clap and giggle at them. You know how to brighten someone’s day B.
  • You are in LOVE with your toy dog. I bought him for you in Ikea after you grabbed him off the shelf and cuddled him in the trolly the whole way round. By the time we got to the till you had snuggled and chewed him so much that I had to buy him. The lady at the till made me hold the label whilst she scanned him from afar because he was so wet with your kisses. Daddy named him Doug because he thought that it would be funny to confuse you between Dog and Doug. He is hoping that you will start to call all dogs Doug. Sorry Belle, we have to have some fun, we don’t get out much these days!
  • You brush your own teeth and reach for your toothbrush when I do mine. It is very cute to watch, especially because the toothpaste is always all over your face. I am pretty sure that you would eat a whole tube of toothpaste if I gave you the chance.
  • Speaking of which. You adore blueberries. You will never say no to a blueberry.
  • Now if you see someone eating food you start smacking your lips. You even do it if you see an TV advert for food. It is so nice to watch you enjoy food and you will eat pretty much anything which is so lovely. But you always want it from my plate. It tastes better from my plate right?
  • If all three of us are out then you will not sit in the pram and instead you want to sit up on Daddy’s shoulders. It is lucky that that is his favourite thing to do too. I love when you are up there and you lean down to kiss him. It just makes me melt.


DSC01699 (1)




DSC01721 (1)

Belle, you wont remember this summer in New York but we have had the best time with you. Thank you for being such a good little travel buddy.