Belle at 7 months

Hello Miss Belle,

Oh boy… in this last month you have started to reveal so much of your character and we LOVE it. You are energetic, cheeky and incredibly comical. You have us both creased up in laughter on a daily basis. You are so happy when you are making other people laugh. It is beautiful to watch. Neither of us knew that a baby could be this funny at such a young age and it is such a nice surprise.

You are amazing us by how much you are striving for independence already. You really know what you want and I love that in you. I have read so many books and blogs about various aspects of raising babies but it is becoming apparent that you will just teach us as we go.

I love that I get to spend every day with you, watching you grow and develop and learn new things. And writing this blog has become extra special as it helps me capture and record all of your little milestones for you to read one day. It is not until I sit down each month to write your update that I realise just how quickly you are changing.












  • You will pretty much only eat broccoli. You LOVE it. That is great, but you point blank refuse anything being fed to you on a spoon. Let’s just say, dinner times are messy. Weaning you is proving to be quite the challenge that I was not expecting, but that is a whole separate blog post for another day.
  • You have so much energy and power in your little body. Whenever we lie you on the floor you kick your legs like crazy, bashing your heels against the floor (I am amazed that it does not hurt you). It is so loud that our neighbours downstairs have complained to us about it! Their lights flicker and the doors rattle in the frames. For weeks they didn’t believe that it was possible that that level of noise was coming from a baby, they thought that it was Daddy jumping around in the flat! It was you.
  • Night time is party time in Belle’s world. You like to check in with us at least 4 times each night and recently you woke for a couple of hours in the middle of the night wanting to chat and play. Mama and Dada are pretty tired. It is a good job that you give us all of those cute smiles in the morning – they really do keep us going.
  • You can say “da da da da da”. Daddy is trying to claim it as your first word but I don’t think it counts as you say it to the toaster and the wall too.
  • You are most happy when we are out and about and people are talking to you and paying you attention. You are SO sociable. It makes me melt when I am holding you and you lean for someone else to hold you, then you see me and regret your decision and lean to come straight back to your Mama.
  • Still no sign of hair though…

Version 2


Belle you inject so much joy and laughter into our lives.

Love you little bean. x

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