Belle at 8 Months


Everything has changed. Again.

You are moving! Not crawling, but moving, and it has sent us into a baby-proofing frenzy this weekend. We have had to rearrange half of the flat and move pretty much everything out of your reach.

Each month you get better and it takes us by surprise all of the time. Watching you learn something new gives us the most incredible feeling. I am sure that we will be feeling that a lot from now on!







– You are finally interested in food. Tonight was the first night that you actually ‘ate’ your dinner. Half an M&S fishcake, brown rice and peas – you loved it! Although you will only take food if you are sitting on my knee and if I feed it to you in little bits on my finger. You grab my hand and open your mouth for more which is HUGE progress as up until this week you have not been at all interested.

– The reverse army crawl. Your signature move. I am amazed at how you manage to steer yourself around the flat, dodging furniture and getting to whatever you have spotted – all in reverse. You keep checking over your shoulder to see where you are going. Very impressive. You are very nearly there with crawling. You get up onto all fours, shuffle your knees towards your hands, lunge forward and then fall on your face and cry. Keep going little one, you will get it eventually.

– Chat chat chat. Dad thinks that your first word is ‘baby’ and I think that it is ‘hello’ but either way you are copying sounds and it is very cute to watch. I have been using sign language with you for the last couple of months for milk, sleep, nappy, eat and drink. I wonder if you will starting signing back to me?

– You LOVE dolls. We bought you your very own one after you fell in love with a friend’s. It is so sweet watching you talk away to its face.

– You are desperate to walk. You love pulling yourself up onto your feet with our help and you have just worked out how to do it in your cot. As soon as I hold your hands you are off, walking around as if I am not even there helping you. We love your determination to be independent.



Love you lots B

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  1. Avatar
    25 April 2016 at 9:03 am

    Gorgeous photos again! She may be finding hair a tough challenge, but it’s good to see in the last photo that she’s successfully growing an elephant out of her head

    • Avatar
      5 May 2016 at 12:29 pm

      haha! I have just noticed that – love it!