Belle at 9 months

And just like that, my baby is moving. My BABY is MOVING. Ahhh!

I think that this has got to be the month with the biggest load of changes. Overnight my girl has started eating, sleeping in her own cot, crawling (fast!), busting out teeth and now she is testing the waters with standing on her own. Belle Henfrey!



Something that has surprised me about being a Mum is just how often everything changes. Just as you get accustomed to the stage that they are at, it all changes. I hope that I remember that next time round. There are really lovely bits and really hard bits about each stage, but they do pass.








  • Crawling. So so so much crawling. If I turn my back for a second then she is in another room. It is not a conventional crawl as one leg is usually straight and the other bent but whatever works hey Belle!?
  • The Cot. Ladies and Gentlemen, she sleeps in a cot (most of the time). We have moved her cot into the living room and that is where she sleeps. She does still wake three times for milk during the night so I am feeling more tired now that I did when she slept in the bed. Any tips for night weaning?
  • Food. At eight and a half months she started actually wanting food. She will eat pretty much anything that I give her, a mixture of spoon feeding mush and finger foods, however she much prefers the finger food. Looking back I don’t know why I worried so much about her not wanting food, obviously she would eat at some point.
  • She has her two bottom front teeth and they are just the cutest things. I love seeing them there with she gives a big goofy grin.
  • Books are by far her favourite thing to play with. She has learnt how to turn the pages. She loves being read to whilst she sucks her dummy and cuddles her bunny. They are some of my favourite moments.
  • I had to make an emergency Ikea trip on Friday to buy a stair gate after tiny tot learnt to climb the stairs in the flat (it is only two steps but that is still a pretty big fall when you are so little).


Belle you are just getting better and better all the time. We are totally and utterly besotted with you, little one.