Big sister, I am SO proud of you


I am SO proud of you. For twenty months it was just you and me little one and to be honest I was a bit nervous about how we would both adjust to life with the new baby. Whilst I was pregnant we spoke lots about the ‘baby in my tummy’, read lots of stories about being a big sister and practiced taking care of babies with your dolls. You understood a lot but I was preparing myself for a bit of a difficult transition when the new baby actually arrived and it was just the three of us. I am writing this because I am reflecting one month on from baby Freddie’s arrival and I am just so thankful for you and how wonderful you have been. Belle, you have amazed me. You have been fantastic.




Of course there have been ‘moments’ – you are still a baby yourself! You need a few more Mummy and Belle cuddles than before and we try really hard to catch the moments when Freddie is sleeping each day to play. Just us.

Sometimes you will come over to me whilst I am nursing Freddie and say “Weddie all done” or “Weddie cot” which is your sweet way of letting my know that you need some Mummy time. This last week you have even started saying “Belle sad. Cuddles“, which is heartbreaking to hear but a good reminder that you need me too. It is so hard balancing the needs of both of you and working out which is more urgent or important, but you have been really patient with me whilst I learn.



You love your little ‘Weddie’ (you can’t say Freddie) so very much. You run and tell me when he is sad and help me with his nappy changes. You cuddle him and help burp him (sometimes too hard) and even reach into his side of the stroller to hold his hand when we are out. You even call for Freddie when you wake up from your naps. It is so sweet. Freddie is so lucky to have you as a big sister.

You have a little doll that you have dressed in Freddie’s smallest clothes and nappies and you have named him … wait for it… Weddie. Yesterday you even started breastfeeding your doll when I was nursing Freddie.

It feels like in this last month since Freddie arrived you have grown up SO much. New words are flying out of your mouth each day, you have had a huge growth spurt and we can finally get your hair into bobbles (which you now request each morning). You have even started to say grace before dinner. You hold our hands and say “Thank you, Jesus, apple juice, HORRAYY!”. You have never had apple juice.

Well done little Belle for making room for your little brother in our family and welcoming him with so much love. I cannot wait to watch you grow up together.