I’ll take the Waffles

The Americans beat us hands down when it comes to breakfast, mainly because theirs involves maple syrup. Although, nothing tastes bad when it is drenched in maple syrup does it? Even so, this breakfast was pretty great. I wish that every morning could start with fresh waffles and coffee.

J had scouted out an 80’s diner near where we are staying and so naturally we ended up there last weekend before church. We were there early because Belle has been waking up super early (thanks Belle). As horrid as the 5:45am wake up calls are, it was actually really nice to be out eating breakfast whilst most of the Upper West Side was still sleeping. Plus, it is so hot here that the cooler mornings are to be enjoyed.



I am not sure how, but I have never had fresh waffles before and they really are incredible. Despite my hatred for non essential kitchen equipment, I am even considering buying a waffle machine because I just need fresh waffles in my life.

They even got the Belle stamp of approval which is saying something. Since arriving here all of the baby food rules have gone out of the window and we are 100% in holiday mode. I even cracked and let Belle trying some of my chocolate ice cream yesterday – just a tad. Needless to say that Belle is enjoying ‘holiday Mum’.





Also, disposable bibs. I didn’t know the existed until my Mum got a pack for me and they are my new best friend when you are away from home. I have been keeping a packet in the bottom of the pram and they have saved me SO much washing and staining whilst we have been here. Thanks Mum. I 100% recommend them for anyone going on a trip with a messy mini human.



Thank God that we are here for another five weeks. Think how much more maple syrup I can justify eating for breakfast in 5 weeks!