Making home… again

Back in June I packed up our flat in Holloway and today, 4 months later, our things are scheduled to arrive. Don’t even talk to me about international shipping, I am pretty sure that our things have been on a world tour before arriving here. At least our pots and pans are well traveled.

I am all about simple, minimal living but this really has been another level. I have exhausted the meals that can be made with one pan and spoon.

We are excited to host people for dinner and start to make this new apartment feel like our home. Jono cannot wait to have his tool box back in his possession however, I am very impressed at how much furniture he has assembled with a kitchen knife. Where there is a will there is a way it seems! We want to drill into these walls, get that guitar back on the wall and finally (14 months later) get Belle’s bedroom together!


We are in a big (ish) one bedroom apartment. Belle is having the bedroom for her nursery/playroom and then we are making the main living area into a studio flat for us. The idea is that all of the kiddie stuff lives in her room (or at least goes back there at the end of the day!) so that the living space is ours. We have some plans to split the main room into a bedroom and then family living area and dinning area. According to our vision it should work. I will post some photos once we are all done so that you can be the judge.

I am sat in at the moment whilst Belle naps waiting for our shipping delivery. It honestly feels like Christmas morning, I cannot wait to rip open those boxes and unpack our things. Hurry up Mr delivery man, patience is not my strong point!

I love this card that Jono’s Grandma and Grandpa sent. Perfect.