My little sister

Yesterday my sister came to London to visit and it was so much fun. It is only since growing up and leaving home that I have really understood what a blessing it is to have siblings. You don’t miss them until they are not there. Our parents and Grandparents were all only children and they would forever be telling us how lucky we were to have each other but I could never understand it at the time. Now I really do.

There is nothing quite like having a sister. Our parents can testify that growing up we had a solid love/hate relationship (sorry Mum and Dad). We fought pretty hard but loved harder. We are each others best friend, biggest critic and greatest fan all at the same time. It can be intense!

But, the best thing about your sister is the security that you have in knowing that your relationship is for your whole time on earth. That means that you can be your most vulnerable with her and you are completely safe. No judgement.



My sister is seriously amazing and I learn so much whenever I spend time with her. I am so glad that she will be in Belle’s life to show her an example of what it looks like to be a confident, intelligent, incredible woman.

It makes me sad to think about how much time we spent when we were younger arguing and falling out because now that we live so far apart I would do anything to get to see her everyday.







Carys Jane, you are the best and I love you more than I let you know. Sorry.