My new teething hack

Most days you will find me in my trainers, dungarees and a practical ponytail. I always wear my wedding rings (because I never take them off) and sometimes I wear a watch, but that is the extent of my ‘accessories’ since becoming a Mummy. Pretty necklaces, earrings and bracelets are sadly a thing of the past. They are just not practical to wear anymore. They only get pulled, broken and chewed by my teething baby and I worry about them getting damaged, or worse, Belle swallowing small parts or cutting her gums.

However, I recently discovered teething jewellery. Yes, I know, I am talking about turning myself into a human teething toy. What is she thinking? Well, I am one already. When a baby is teething they will chew whatever is nearest to them. So jewellery that doubles up as a teething tool that is safe for her to gnaw on? Perfect.

Most of what I had found online was either not something that I wouldn’t want to wear or too expensive. Then I came across Bo and Bel on Instagram.  They make necklaces and bracelets for men and women that are safe for your little one to chew on!

A lovely lady at Bo and Bel, who I met at a Mothers Meeting event recently, was kind enough to send me a necklace to try out and it has been a huge success. Belle loves it! The beads are made out of 100% food safe silicon and are all BPA free which is music to my Mama ears.

Mine is the Enid and the colours are in it are perfect for me as I wear a lot of grey, black and denim (exciting, I know!) and so it will go with most of my everyday wardrobe.







Thank you Bo and Bel for sending me this necklace – it is so nice to find a product that both Belle and I like.