Our first week with Belle


J and I were talking last night and we agreed that this has been the BEST week of our lives. Yes I am still recovering and we are getting less sleep than we did before she arrived, but it is just the most incredible time. We really are enjoying every little moment getting to know our daughter.

Since going into labour J has astonished me with his dedication to looking after me and Belle. He is such a great Dad. I love the little moments that I catch when he is singing to her or talking to her. It is SO beautiful. I am more in love with him since bringing Belle home than ever before – and I didn’t think that was possible!

I think we were both expecting bringing a newborn home to be harder than it has been. Breastfeeding is going well and Belle is putting on weight, which makes us very proud/reassured. Yes we are dealing with less sleep and the odd poo explosion but it is all SO worth it.

Our church have been a huge factor in making this time so special. Our amazing friends arranged a food rota before Belle was born and each day someone has dropped dinner off for us all! It has made such a difference as it has meant that we have been able to just concentrate 100% on our little one. Top tip – If you know anyone having a baby then it is probably one of the most helpful things that you could do.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us as we learn to be new parents and thank you Belle for being patient with us as we learn to look after you!

Here are a few photos from this week…