Freddie at 9 months

Freddie bear. I decided this morning to take some time to edit these sweet photos of you and write a little 9 month update because honestly, being a Mama right now is super hard. I am sitting on the sofa whilst you nap, the floor is covered in toys, the kitchen is a mess and the laundry pile is actually scary. I still have wet hair from my shower and I am eating a chocolate bar (guilt free) at 11am because it is that kind of day.

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Recharging and Snow day fun

And I’m back! A few months ago my laptop died aย sudden, sad and painful death. Long story short, it has taken almost three months to arrange getting it fixed. But it is, and I have really missed this little space.


To be totally honest, motherhood has been tough recently. Belle has been hitting that two and half mark early and HARD. Potty training attempts, plenty of strong opinions, a fierce desire for independence, hourly irrational requests, tantrums, testing boundaries and demanding my total attention: it’s exhausting. All that, combined with Freddie starting teething and separation anxiety, plus the two hourly nighttime nursing. I am totally spent.

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