Pressing Pause

And just like that two months have passed. Two months, 8 (ish) weeks, 60 (ish) days – however I think about it all I can think is WOW. Does it all go this quickly?

This baby is unrecognisable when I look back at photos of that tiny newborn that I gave birth to. That little one who looked totally lost in her huge carseat when we bought her home from the hospital. I don’t have her anymore, I now have a baby that smiles, giggles and coos. She knowns me and my voice and I know her. She is no longer a stranger but she is my daughter who I know and understand more and more each day. I know her different cries (most of the time!). I know how she likes to be held and how to feed her, soothe her and bathe her. She feels like she is really mine. What I wasn’t prepared for is just how quickly everything changes. It is amazing and beautiful but just so SO fast.

*Confession time* Last night I was sorting through B’s newborn clothes that she has outgrown and packing them away, a job that I have been avoiding because I knew that deep down I felt really emotional about it. As I was folding her tiny clothes and putting them away for her future brother or sister, I caught a tear rolling down my cheek. Ridiculous I know but I feel that I am not on my own in this. Granted I am very tired, hormonal and far more sensitive than I have ever have been but that tear and the feeling behind it was real. I mean it was just one tear, nothing too dramatic, and I wiped it away giving it minimal attention at the time, but I feel totally overwhelmed at how quickly my little one is growing and changing. I know that I am just at the start of the journey of watching her grow and with that letting go of her, but that was my first taste of it and it is hard! I really do hope that crying every time she outgrows something is not going to be something that I do as rule because that will be exhausting and rather time consuming.

Of course I am happy that she is healthy and growing but oh my goodness I need to cherish every moment with her. It is so easy to be too busy. There will always be something that I ‘should’ be doing but I need to start pressing pause on life and enjoying my little Belle. My Mum warned me about this but I didn’t really understand at the time. She told me that the housework will always be there but our babies are only little once and so spend the time just enjoying them. She is totally right.

I am going to slow it down, be late to things, allow dust to live in our flat and just enjoy every moment with my baby girl.

Belle at 2 months!
Belle at 2 hours!