Saturday Morning with Dada

Saturday mornings are all about Daddy Daughter time. Last weekend J took Belle to the park whilst I got my hair cut and it was so good for all of us. It doesn’t happen often but even when I get an hour away from Belle I feel so much better after. When you are a SAHM, time alone is gold dust. In the week I don’t even get to go to the bathroom alone. You don’t appreciate that little life luxury until it has gone ladies.

Plus, Jono loves having time with Belle on their own. He snapped these few photos in the park with her. I did also find photos of her smashing a blueberry muffin in her face but I left them out as they are a little… graphic.







I love that J and I bring totally different things to Belle but she really does need both of us. I love watching Jono grow as a Daddy as Belle grows. He really is amazing.