Summer at the Splashpad

Whilst Jono is busy working hard, Belle and I have been spending these hot summer days at a few of Central Park’sΒ splash pads. The Upper West Side has some of the nicest playgrounds for little ones and we are really making the most of them whilst we are here.




We have been to them so much that Belle now recognises the playgrounds and gets all excited as I push the ‘stroller’ through the park gates. She loves the swings but the splash pads are where she really wants to be.





DSC01061I have started keeping her swimming things and a towel under the pram now because we seem to end up in water most days – it is SO hot!



This city really is great for little ones. There is just so much to do with them, especially in the summer.

I have even met a really lovely group of Mum’s who I have been hanging out with which is such a relief. I was so aware that this trip could get a little lonely whilst Jono is busy working in the week, but meeting people and making friends has made such a difference. NYC is starting to feel rather homely.