Sunshine, Playgrounds and Baby Kisses

There is nothing that I love more on a sunny Saturday than loading up the stroller/pram/buggy (whatever we are calling it these days!) with toys, towels, snacks and suncream and just seeing where the day takes us.

Yesterday afternoon, after naps, we headed out into Hoboken to do some much needed grocery shopping uptown at the new Trader Joe’s (which I am VERY happy about can I add) and seeing as it was such a beautiful day, we decided to walk there.

On our way, we stumbled across a community fair with live music in a playground that we love and so we stopped to let B burn off some energy. I love how committed this girl is to her bows, they stay on even with a sunhat.



Belle’s ‘Sassy face’ is officially out of control. She just cannot help herself… but it does make me smile.





There are those moments as parents when all the stars align: good weather, happy children, nobody is hungry or dirty and all is well. I am learning that these moments rarely last very long and so when they do happen we have to sit back and just enjoy them. This one was especially lovely.

Belle was happily playing with another little girl that she had made friends with in the park and dancing to the music whilst we sat and enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine with Mr Alfred.




Finding a moment to sit, talk and hold hands with J is that extra bit special since life got a bit busy in the last few weeks (newborns hey!). But they are SO important. It is amazing the difference that a 30 second cuddle and kiss can make in the busyness of life with little ones.



At the request of his big sister, Freddie even got to have his first go on the playground. He didn’t love it.