Welcome to Central Park, Nain and Granddad Derek

Belle and Freddie are the first grandchildren for all of the Grandparents (except Granddad Derek who is ahead of the game!), so we are pretty naughty taking them abroad. Thank God for FaceTime and this blog for keeping us all as close as possible.

We FaceTime family most days but nothing beats these moments spending time together in person. Thankfully we have lots of visitors lined up for this summer which will be a lot of fun.



We spent yesterday introducing Nain and Granddad Derek to Central Park. The weather was beautiful and Central Park did what it did best and helped the newbies fall for NYC.

Belle woke up from the world’s shortest stroller nap right next to this playground. Coincidence? I think not. Thankfully Nain and Granddad Derek are very understanding of toddler pace and playground stops.

It is safe to say that Nain is lapping up all of the baby love…




We only have a week together but we are doing our best to make the most of it. These special photos will help.