When Gramps and Uncle Bryn met Freddie

After a seriously delayed flight, a few months of planning and a very questionable Airbnb booking, Gramps and Uncle Bryn arrived stateside for a whole week with us!

Yes, I know… we actually have an ‘Uncle Bryn’ in the family (Gavin and Stacey fans will understand how great that is).


Bryn had never been to NYC before and my Dad hadn’t been for years, so it was extra fun to have them visit. It never gets old showing off this incredible city to new people. If you are considering visiting New York then do it. It will not disappoint.

We covered a lot of ground (literally) in just a week. Saying that, Bryn and Dad did SO much more than us, some days were just too hot for me and the babies and we opted for toys and AC, but Dad and Bryn were averaging 10km a day walking. The city will do that to you! Good job really as it is hard to avoid eating your body weight in Pizza when you are here. It is just so good.

Bryn had endless amounts of energy with Belle and Freddie which is great because energy is something that J and I are often in low supply of. Turns out that Bryn actually had too much and you know it is too much when the TWO year old tells you that you are too loud! Tone it down Bryn.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how much Freddie looks like his Uncle Bryn right now. Those eyes!

Belle really loved spending time with them and keeps asking where they are now that they have gone home which is so sad. That really is the big downside of living abroad, especially with little ones. They change so quickly when they are this little and we constantly feel a little bit (actually a lot) guilty for living so far away from family. Thank God for Facetime and this blog.


We had such a nice day walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, getting Grimaldi’s for lunch (thanks Gramps!) and exploring DUMBO together. I am still undecided as to what is the best NYC slice, but Grimalidi’s is in my top 3.

I absolutely  love this photo of Belle and Gramps dancing on the pier in DUMBO. So sweet. Her in her baseball hat and tutu, Gramps playing along with her and that amazing NYC skyline in the background. Special days.

Before he came, Bryn even managed to get baseball tickets for him, Dad and J to go and see a game on their last night.

Dad and Brynderella, we had such a great week with you both – thank you SO much for coming out and immersing yourselves into Wylie family chaos. Hopefully one day we will have a space for you to stay (that isn’t the bathtub) and you wont have to stay in a dodgy Airbnb.

Until next time…