Belle at 6 months

Dear Little Belle,

Happy half birthday my love. Time flies with you around. You bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. Your smile is the biggest that I have ever seen, which is extraordinary considering how little you are. That goofy gummy smile fills your entire face and is completely infectious to anyone who sees it. You get SO much attention when we are out and about. Especially on the tube, you love sitting and watching all of the people, especially when someone smiles at you or talks to you. Your face lights up and you always smile back at them.

Six months is a big one for you Belle because it means that we get to introduce you to the world of food. Yes, believe it or not, there is more to life than milk. Ok, so it is mainly baby rice, banana and pear for you for now, but I promise you that weaning is worth it in the long run.

We recorded the first time that we fed you so that you could watch it back someday. It was so special for your Dada to get to feed you after I got all of the feeding action for six whole months!


  • You are so nearly sitting on your own, not quite but very nearly
  • You grab EVERYTHING – phones, keys, hair. That would be fine but whatever you grab goes straight into your mouth which is slightly terrifying for us
  • You love Facetime. As most of the family live far away we use Facetime a lot. You love playing peekaboo with your Grandparents. The only problem is that I worry that you might start to think that they all live inside my phone
  • You are SO tall. You have just had a mammoth growth spurt and have busted through all of your clothes overnight. I think you are going to take after your Daddy and be really tall.
  • You are so bashful. You love attention from strangers but after a big goofy smile you hide your face on my shoulder and walk your legs up my body to hide. It is adorable.
  • Sadly, you have developed some eczema which makes us really sad. I had it and know how horrible it can be. We are praying that you grow out of it soon but in the meantime you are getting lots of baby massages with all of your special creams and oils. Every cloud, hey Belle!




DSC07588 (1)




We love you endlessly little Belle. As always.

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    21 February 2016 at 1:57 pm

    Gah. She’s too cute! Also loving the new sofa- can we get a sneak peek at the room change? X