Our Story

Hello and welcome to Wylie Diaries,

It is so lovely to have you here. My name is Siân (funny Welsh name pronounced ‘Sharn’) embracing my mid twenties, married to my absolute favourite person. I’m a British full time Mama, currently living stateside figuring out this city family life with our two little ones in tow.


A little about the Wylies…

I met J, my university sweetheart, in our first year at Birmingham. By our second year we were dating, 11 months later we were engaged and then 8 months after that we were married. We don’t do slow.

There we were, two weeks after graduation saying ‘I do’ with nothing but a couple of degrees, some part time jobs and no idea what was going to happen next. Just before we went on our honeymoon, J got an email with an offer for a internship in London. So off we went.

Our first ‘home’ was this tiny, damp basement room. The owners of the house had eight young children and had converted (ish) their basement into this flat. It was SO noisy, we had one tiny window that looked out onto the wheels of some bins and we had rats scratching on the insides of the walls most nights. BUT, it was our first home and we could just about afford it. You could reach the kitchen from the end of the bed, there was no room for a sofa or a TV and if we wanted space from each other then the only option was to sit in the bathtub, but we were so happy there.

The basement room – Our first home in London


Eventually I got a job in a school and J got his first paid job and we were able to move somewhere with daylight and more than one room. I remember moving into that flat and walking from room to room feeling so grateful for every inch of it. Objectively, it was still a very small flat, but starting from very little helps you appreciate everything that you get.

Our second home in London


Two years into married life we were blessed with our daughter Belle. Ten months later, J had an amazing offer to work in New York and so after spending the summer there as a bit of a trial period, we said goodbye to London and made the move stateside. Mid-move, we found out that we were expecting baby Wylie number two, our sweet Freddie bear.

Our daughter Belle Henfrey


Why blog Siân?

I started this blog when J surprised me with a surprise road trip around Italy for our one year wedding anniversary. I wanted somewhere to document our trip and share photos with family. Then I got the blogging bug and started posting a little more here and there. By the time that we had Belle it had totally replaced my journals and photo scrap books. I was converted to documenting our adventure here on Wylie Diaries. One day I want to convert this blog into a beautiful giant glossy coffee table book to live in our living room forever more – one day!

One year anniversary road trip around Italy


I LOVE finding a quiet hour here and there to flick through our camera roll, edit photos and write up our story to go with them. It is such a great way to capture the everyday. Life flies by far too quickly to absorb all of the messy, scary, special and beautiful bits, and this blog really helps me capture and process it all.

What was my personal little online diary has picked up a few more readers than I ever thought it would, which is such a nice bonus! Now, Wylie Diaries is the most lovely little online community of friends, family and fellow parents who read along through Facebook and Instagram. It is always lovely to hear from you and so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Come along for the journey as I share all things family, motherhood, marriage, faith, food and more recently living abroad with little ones (as and when I figure it out!). Just don’t ask what is next – we have no idea, and that is all part of the fun!