Soap and Pizza in Williamsburg

Today we woke up at parent o’clock and decided to get out and see a new part of the city. Lots of friends love Williamsburg, so we jumped on the subway and headed over to Brooklyn to see what all of the fuss is about.

It was really cold (it even started snowing at one point!) but the sun was out and the sky was bright blue and so with B napping away in the pram it was the perfect opportunity for exploring.

Some of our favourite days in both London and New York have been the ones where we land somewhere new, find some good coffee (today was Blue Bottle ??) and then walk and walk until our feet hurt or Belle gets fussy (whichever comes first).

Williamsburg is such a fun place. We found the Mini Mall which is a little covered market full of local vendors, the perfect place for browsing and gift shopping. There is the most amazing little soap store in the there called Soap Cherie. They had the most beautiful soap bars and scents which would be perfect for birthday presents, but I didn’t have anyone to buy for. I will 100% be heading back there though.



Belle must see me smelling candles and soaps in shops because she now asks to smell everything too. She was so funny sniffing at each of the candles and saying “mmmmm”. Mama’s girl right there.



Joe’s Pizza was on our list of NYC pizzas to try and so that was decision made when we spotted it across the street.




A slice just doesn’t cut it for this family, especially now that madame likes to get involved so we opted for a big cheese pizza pie and there were NO regrets.





I am a total convert to the NYC pizza parlour experience. Those little window tables with the high stools and the busy stream of people flooding in and out. I love it. Top tip is to order the plain cheese pizza for the best NYC pizza experience. Don’t be sucked in by the toppings, just keep it simple.



After all that Pizza we headed to the Williamsburg Bridge and walked our way back to Manhattan. I love the Brooklyn Bridge but it is always so busy that it slightly ruins the experience for me but the Williamsburg bridge was so quiet and the views of the city and of Brooklyn were amazing.


The only problem was that the whole bridge it is covered in graffiti and Belle was not pleased. She kept pointing at the art and shouting ‘uh oh Mama’. I guess she figured that someone had coloured all over the floor and that someone’s Mum was going to be mad about it. Good girl Belle, now stop colouring on our walls at home!



These random days spent out and about are my favourite way to spend time together. I am fairly sure that this big city life won’t be forever but we really do love it right now.