We have some BIG news

We are back in London after our seven week summer in NYC and now… WE ARE MOVING THERE!

I still cannot quite believe it but we are saying goodbye to London and heading off to live in America. It was always sort of the plan but we were not expecting it to happen any time soon. We heard that NYC may have been a tiny possibility back in June when we were sent over for the summer and by the end of next month we will (hopefully!) be living there. It is incredible to see how quickly life can change.



DSC02125 (1)




So at the moment we are busy getting ready to leave, visiting family and seeing friends before we head over the pond. Apologies for the blog silence, we have just been SO busy. Turns out that there are a lot of things to sort out when you move abroad. Way more than my initial ‘to do’ list suggested!

In the last two months we have lived in ten different places, living out of two suitcases, all with a toddling one year old. It has been pretty exhausting and we still have a long way to go (3,459 miles to be exact!).

Jono goes back to NYC this weekend and so we have a stint of time apart (boo!) but as soon as he has found an apartment, Belle and I will be on the next plane out.

So that is our big news. Super exciting, super blessed and super thankful.

Has anyone lived abroad? maybe even in NYC? Any tips?