West coast Halloween

There are lots of not so great things about Halloween, I know, however I do think that it is the best way to get out and get to know the people that you live by, especially when you are new on the street. What better excuse to just knock on someone’s door and say Hi!? Ok, so we probably should have just done that anyway, maybe with a plate of cookies, but it is super awkward and Halloween makes it so easy.

We had just moved in a couple of weeks before Halloween and so whether the kids were up for it or not, we WERE going trick or treating this year. Forced fun is good for kids right?

Whilst we can get away without protest, we are rocking the DIY budget home costumes. Belle wanted to be a bunny and Freds was going to be a dinosaur but as soon as he saw Belle’s costume, he wanted to same.


They are going through a funny stage at the moment where everything has to be the same. The same bowl, the same snack, the same attention, the same towel, the same toy… and on and on. So we recycled some bunny ears from last Easter, raided my make up draw for eye liner and red lipstick (granted – it would have been better if it wasn’t the waterproof stuff) and made them them bunnies.




The first door that we knocked on happened to be the neighbourhood annual Halloween party and they were so kind, invited us in and we got to meet most of the street in one go! It was already bedtime when we headed out so the kids didn’t last long. After eating his body weight in mini hot dogs, Freddie lay down on the sofa to go to sleep right in the middle of the party, so we wrapped it up pretty quickly and got those bunnies home and into bed.


Whether we are in the city or the burbs it really helps getting to know your neighbours, especially when you are so far away from family. We have been so blessed with great neighbours in our old homes and so I am hopeful that it will be the same here.