When Belle met Freddie

We had been waiting for this moment and here it was. Freddie was just a few hours old and Belle was on her way to the hospital with Jono to meet her little brother for the first time.

We had done lots of preparation with her, talking about the bump, reading stories about being a big sister and talking lots about this baby that would be joining our family. But at just 20 months old, it was hard to know how much she really understood about this huge life change.

On the advice of a few experienced Mamas I had got a little gift for Belle from the baby, waiting on the bed for her. I had also been told to make sure that I was not holding the baby when Belle got there. Jono text me to say that he had arrived at the hospital, so I swaddled Freddie and put him down in the crib so that I could give B 100% of my attention.


I could hear her coming down the corridor greeting all the nurses with her distinctive British “Hello!” followed by “Byeee!” as she passed people on her way. I was so excited to see her after spending my first night away from her ever *tears*.

She burst through the door into our room running as fast as those little legs could take her, shouting “baby baby, my baby” and made a dash past me straight to her little brother. She pulled herself up on her tip toes at the side of his crib and peered in at him with the biggest smile on her face. Seeing how excited she was to meet him is up there with my best ever Mummy moments.


My sweet friend who had been taking care of Belle whilst we were in the hospital had even found time to craft a card for Freddie from Belle. Belle had it in her little hands ready to give to him. I think that really helped make her feel special. Thank you Julie – you hero!



She wanted to see and hold him straight away so I sat her on the bed with a pillow and introduced her to her little brother. She was (and still is) totally besotted with him. She sat pointing out his eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hair. I even had to unbutton his clothes because she wanted to see his toes. Who needs newborn checks when you have Belle on the job!?



We even had to prompt her that there was a gift for her because she wasn’t interested. Her baby brother was more than enough.





Then, in true Belle fashion, her attention was turned to food. She spotted an apple on my bedside table and asked for it. Food and a new baby brother, what more could you want!? I love how simple life is as a toddler.


Six weeks on and it has not worn off at all, and now Freddie is showing Belle some love. Belle always gets the biggest smiles from Freddie when she talks to him. J and I are a little jealous to be honest!

I cannot wait to see their precious sibling relationship grow.